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About Us

Done Better

We are outdoor living specialist!


Decks and Patios

Pergolas and Gazebos

Lighting and Furniture

We do not just build things, we create a one of a kind backdrop for the memories you will share for a lifetime in these personal spaces.

We design and create beautiful outdoor spaces for friends in our community to use, share, and enjoy for many years.

Now You Know What We Do.

Here Is How We Go About Getting It Done So You Know What To Expect.


After scheduling an estimate we will come out to get your ideas and thoughts about what you are looking for. Discuss how you are planning to use your space. Then lastly we will pull dimensions and take pictures.


We use the consultation notes to put together a 3D design with pictures, video, and an estimate. Then email it. The first design is a starting point so we can all see the project for the first time and come together about your thoughts on the design. Changes are easily made in this step so you can get exactly what you want.


Once you are ready to proceed we will have one more sit down to sign contracts, affidavits, schedule, and handle a deposit, where applicable. We then take care of permits, fees, materials, and everything else while we prepare to build. 


About a week prior to breaking ground we will hang the permit and drop materials. Then we build. Length of construction varies with each project. After final inspection for the permit and approval from you, we will walk you through caring for your project and finalize our contract.


Design Video and Pictures - Build - Final

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